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Transporting temperature and time-sensitive truckloads with specific requirements is a challenging task. Fab logistics Refrigerator executes these requirements with state of the art equipment, information technology, and quality Driving Associates.

Fab Logistics Refrigerators has the capacity, can meet the nation’s toughest emissions standards, and has the benefit of one of the nation’s largest truckload networks.

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Refrigerated Truckload

Commodities requiring heated truck service can be anything from fresh food and produce to adhesives and pharmaceuticals, each with their own temperature shipping characteristics.

Our specialized equipment ensures proper airflow and even temperature regulation. All of our heated trailers maintain specific temperatures to protect products from freezing, even in the harshest of winter conditions.

Why Us?

Moving freight quickly and safely is important to your business. Every-time a delivery arrives on-time and in perfect condition will have a big impact to make ease on your daily operations. The supply chain transportation partner you ultimately select can have a lasting impact on your company.

At Fab Logistics we pride ourselves in offering a range of services and benefits that go beyond ‘just delivering freight’.

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